Write-On Wednesdays! Here today with Rebecca Rose

We are lucky to sit down with romance author, Rebecca Rose, today. Thanks for coming on, Rebecca! Visit her at:authorrebeccarose.com

You have such a great writer name! Is it your real name?

My real name is Rebecca but my last name was too long! It’d wrap around the book jackets. 🙂

Do you write a certain genre and how did you choose to write in that genre?
I write contemporary romance with family drama weaved in. As for choosing the genre…well, it really chose me. I tried writing Mystery and failed something awful. I tried straight romance without all the drama and somehow it found its way in. That family drama is a very sneaky thing!

What inspired you to write your first book?
Divine Turmoil was inspired by my Memere, grandmother, who passed from cancer, then my Pepere, grandfather, shortly thereafter. Watching what happens when the nucleus of your family is sick or gone, can be a powerful thing. Grief comes in all different forms and some of us deal better than others. I wrote. Everyday I thank them for the gift of courage they gave to me. With it, I achieved my dream.

Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?
LOL. Someday I will count the rejections I have received. Some of them were very nice. Some…well, not everyone takes their jobs as seriously. Getting published is a daunting and tiresome task. Keeping your chin up and staying focused is the hardest. First, the query letter needs to be perfect, meet all guidelines and have a hook like no one else’s. Then the synopsis. Don’t get me started on that! I took every one of these and slaved over them as if they were my novel. STRESS! In all it took me about four years to be published. I had a few Houses hold on to the manuscript for Divine Turmoil for months and months. It was very frustrating.

We’d love to know about any awards or success you’ve had. Do Tell!
Oh, I have to say I was on top of the world when I received Best First Line in a Novel for Divine Turmoil! Really? Me? NO WAY! Then the novel went up for an EPIC award. I think I actually lost consciousness when I received the news. And, even though I didn’t win that international award, to be picked out of 100’s to be a finalist was absolutely amazing!

What project are you working on now?
Writing or with life? LOL. We’re currently moving out of our home for a few months while the contractor fixes it from all the ice dam damage. Yes, 80% of my house is being gutted! So, that’s a hell of a project! We’ll be living in a temporary mobile home on our front lawn, for the time being. LOL. Man, the stuff I’m going to have to write about!

As for writing, I’m finishing up edits on Midnight Sunrises. It’s about Jake who is home from the war and dealing with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). After two years of celibacy and picking up the pieces of his life, after a complete mental breakdown, he meets Cheryl–who’s also trying to find her own place in the world. It takes a special person to be married to the military, and one even more so, that can be that person’s partner. Cheryl learns this and that the true enemy is often the demons that live inside you when you’ve seen too much.

I’m fishing for an agent with this book.

Mentioning Unmentionables. Writing about sex in your work. Where do you get inspiration from?
Oh, Dear! Well, I have to say that my husband is a great research partner. I also really enjoy reading erotic romance. One of my favorites is Tina Donahue. She totally got me hooked on them. Then there is music. I *covers my head* listen to country. Please don’t beat me!  There are a lot of sexy songs in that genre, you just have to know where to find them.

As for writing sex scenes. They’re harder than people give credit for. A good scene will have you sweating along with the characters. An okay scene will have you engrossed but slightly disappointed. A bad one will have limbs in the wrongs places–sometimes your characters grow extra ones by accident. There’s too much moaning, not enough showing instead of telling. And, please! No, stroking a throbbing member!!! Dear Lord, there are so many cliches that should never be printed again.

What’s your writing process?
Write, stop for a day. Write, stop for a week. I’m not an everyday person. Everyone says you should, and I believe that is true. However, with three children and a life in upheaval, it’s just not going to happen. When I do sit down, I’ll bang away for days and hours. Now, when I say hours, I mean 12-15 hours. Because when I get on a roll, nothing gets done. And, with 70 words a minute, I bang out some serious stuff.

Do you have a day job?
Nope. Writing is more than just getting books out there. At least, that’s my belief. I teach Creative Writing Courses to young adults and adults. Then there’s the editing, blogging, reviewing, writing, book signings and appearances. I made the leap last year. I was nervous about it, but I’m so glad I did.

What do you do when you aren’t writing? (if that’s possible!)
My kids would laugh at this question! In their eyes I’m always writing or researching.  I’m a wicked people watcher. I like to read, take hot baths, do my toe nails, play WII with the kids or go for bike rides and hikes. My husband and I “Get horizontal” about 8:00 every night. We get in bed, put on some cartoons and talk. Yes, cartoons! Life is serious enough without the drama of TV. Actually, that’s the only time I watch it unless Judge Judy is on.

How do you create your characters?
I don’t. They do it all themselves. Sometimes I’ll have an idea and then they evolve from that. For instance, I wanted Jake, from Midnight Sunrises, to be quiet and a little shy. Now, he’s mentally questionable and running from the woman he wants to sleep with. Poor guy, I really abuse him!

Who designed your book covers?
Renee Rocco. She’s the owner of Lyrical Press, Inc. and a wicked funny lady. Her husband Frank reminds me of my husband, which was totally cool when I first met them in person.

How do you market your work? What one marketing tip would you share with a new author?
Do book signings, do appearances, be part of a chat group that is for your genre. Be nice. I’ve met a few authors whose heads were too big for their own good. I won’t work with them again. OOPS! I think that was more than one.

Do you have deep dark secret? How about a shallow grey one?
I guess it’s not much of a secret anymore. I did hide it when I first started in the writing business but now I’m kinda proud…I’m slightly dyslexic. Things are upside down and backward, in my world. It makes for some fairly funny editing errors.  I also wrote my first book before I’d even taken a class on writing. *shrugs shoulders* I’ve always done things in reverse.

Can we meet up with you at a book signing soon? If so, where?
Next weekend, May 7th, I’ll be at Borders in Willimantic, CT. Then  May 14th, I’ll be at Borders in Farmington, CT. Hope to see some of you there! June 11th & 12th I’ll be signing at Charter Day in Granby, MA.

Where can we find you on the web?
My website: Authorrebeccarose.com or:

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=1171129159 

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/authorRrose 

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/2373263-rebecca-rose 

Thank you so much for having me here, Donna! I had a really good time.

Have a Sparkling Day!
Rebecca Rose

(P.S. Rebecca – I LOVE, LOVE country music too! There I said it. My husband rolls his eyes but dang it if they aren’t filled with sexy songs, like you say!)



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2 responses to “Write-On Wednesdays! Here today with Rebecca Rose

  1. Great interview, ladies! Midnight Sunrises sounds awesome! I don’t write every day either. I try to but don’t sweat it if I can’t. I’m always working on my stories in my mind though.

  2. That Rebecca Rose…what a character. Don’t let her fool you…she’s a hard worker-driven, focused and no nonsense!!

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