All I need to know about writing I learned from my cats

A fun one today. Seriously, my brain was fried this weekend on becoming Twitterfied (that’s an actual certification you know) and writing my WIP.

Here is what I have learned about writing from my cats. Say it isn’t so!

At times we feel boxed in and squared out with our writing

Then a supportive writer friend comes along and boosts us up..again..

When stuck, reflecting by the fire can help

Being read to reminds us why we love to write

Some days we just need to warm up before we start

...And sometimes we need a friend to warm up with us

When in doubt, it's okay to crawl in a hole - for awhile

But don't forget to come out to play and remember what drives you!

Find relaxing places to write that drive your muse

After making your word count goal, relaxing with friends is the best

We may need to find new & different friends with experience to help at times

Always sit down to write in something comfortable

It's scary to put our writing and ourselves out there, I know

But the more friends we make when we do! Friends do a writer good

Have one good friend who will watch your back and tell you like it is

Hugs work when all other advice fails

Lunch. The one meal of the day writers skip when in the groove

When all else fails, find a new place to write you never thought to try before

Goofing off is allowed, in small doses. Don't be too hard on yourself if you do. Tomorrow is another day!

Hiding away can feed the writer soul too and make for good writing

Find a look alike, a writer mentor in your genre to look up to

Don't forget to look to the stars and keep dreaming

Never trust a man with a paintbrush...hmmm..not sure what that means

Napping is never overrated, it fuels the brain with dreams and creativity

Find new writer places to hang out in and you will make new writer friends

It's true, sometimes we get stepped on and it ain't fun

Then some times we must bite the hand that feeds us and go our own way

And try and get ourselves back on top feeling good again about our writing

And put on our happy face, content with where we are because at the end of the day...

Love makes our world go around, in our dreams and reality

And we can go to sleep on that, content we are following our writer heart



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4 responses to “All I need to know about writing I learned from my cats

  1. jmcooper

    I do believe the napping one was my favorite. I always wake up with renewed creativity after a nap. Alas, I could not take one today….

    Very cute post!

  2. Randi

    This was too cute! Not sure I understood the man with paint brush one, but I’ll be sure to avoid them in the future.

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