Irene Aftermath: Generators in Jersey

Yesterday was not the regular Monday.

Walking bridge to nowhere now

First day of school was cancelled with power out in many places, so we spent an unexpected family day together biking along the Delaware River in NJ. We revisited our old town of Stockton, NJ where we lived for many years.

Lambertville biking path

From Frenchtown to Lambertville we went.   Every path we biked down held the sounds of generators cranking and basements being pumped.  We passed flooded houses, sand bagged front doors, firefighters racing to a new scene to help, and people placing their damaged things on the curb. Police were patrolling in Lambertville on the look out for looters.

We were re-routed many times due to down trees, power lines, and buckled roads. The water passed by in a roaring wave, covering all with debris. We passed many people scraping the mud out of the inside of their cars. Nothing was left untouched in the path of raging waters that are slowly receding.

My husband’s work in Princeton, NJ is still without power.  I hope once again, folks in NJ – and along the East Coast –  can get back to normal soon after another devastating hurricane. Check out the slideshow below.

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5 responses to “Irene Aftermath: Generators in Jersey

  1. Sheila Maguire

    Good job Donna! I too am hoping and praying for those effected to have a quick recovery.

  2. It’s amazing how just a bit further south had a huge impact. Our town flooded too, but we didn’t really have any downed trees or wires, miraculously. Some of our neighbors right in town had over 8ft of water in their basements. I was thankful to live on the hill this past weekend, that’s for sure. Great photos, Donna, thanks for sharing.

  3. Great pictures, Donna. While we had no damage here other than some water in the cellar and a full day with no power, others were not so lucky. It irks me to hear people say we over-reacted or over-prepared. When a hurricane is coming, there is no such thing as being over-prepared. How much worse it might have been if people had not secured belongings and evacuated!

  4. So glad you’re safe, Judy. As for the “over-reacted and over-prepared” comments — just another fine example of people with agendas who have no concern for the truth. After Katrina they were saying that the people who suffered had brought it on themselves.

  5. I agree that we can never be prepared enough – sometimes you just cant predict how a storm will go – not even the experts can! I feel for the poor people of Vermont as well, total devastation there in places and some people totally cut off.

    Thanks for visiting all!

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