Monday Funnies: Monkey Faces & Sweet Nothings Hollywood Style

Since it’s back to work day we need some comic relief for those Monday blues. Here’s my Monday Funny for the week that made me laugh out loud. It gives me hope that at 86 I still have it all going on like this gentleman with his wife.

A couple who are Internet newbies trying to figure out a webcam have found themselves the unwitting subjects of an instant viral video, thanks to a little help from a grandkid.

Watch Web Cam 101 For Seniors’ Turns Oregon Oldsters Into YouTube Celebrities.

This video has everything a good Hollywood flick has:
Comedy, tenderness, sweet nothings, horny devilnesh, singing, patience, burping, monkey faces, and gum snapping thrown in with aw shucks moments.

Just imagine if Hollywood followed unscripted life in these same true moments…

Scarlett: Please, please take me with you!
Rhett: Maybe, sweet pea. Your hair looks awfully pretty today.
Scarlett: Oh, sing to me Rhett!
Rhett: **whistling Dixie** No, no…my mind is made up. Most people do things by accident, not on purpose like you. I need peace.
Scarlett: Oh, Rhett, I only know I love you! You make me laugh so.
Rhett: Well, that’s your luck, darling. I do make the best monkey faces around.
Scarlett: Rhett, Rhett I’ll do anything.
Rhett: Well…show me boobies and maybe I’ll stay.
Scarlett: If I don’t and you go, where shall I go, what shall I do?
Rhett: Frankly, my dear I don’t give a damn.

If Flying Monkeys could talk…
Monkey #1: Hey, which human do I look like now?
Monkey #2: Quit making faces, we’ve got to snatch the girl and her dog too.
Monkey #1: Come on, look at me now..who, who?
Monkey #2: Hey, that’s not a bad Barba Streisand. Can you sing too? Get a big schnozz and a wig and you’re all set for Halloween.
Monkey #1: **sings** Don’t tell me not to fly! I’ve simply got to. If someone takes a spill, it’s me and not you. Don’t rain on my parade!

Darth: NO, I am your father.
Luke: Shucks, it can’t be true..but I always wanted a dad.
Darth: Search your feelings. You know it to be true. **belchhh**. Pardon me, son.
Luke: I don’t know, Dad. But that was the best burp ever, plus your cape is really cool.
Darth: Join me. Together we can rule the baseball field.
Luke: But how are you gonna wear a baseball hat, Dad?

I say this sweet video of this elderly couple wraps up all the good stuff in life we should bottle up and use every day.  I’m watching old people from now on. They’re still young people under all those wrinkles and walkers. I guess we only look older as we get older, our personalities stay the same.

And I thought I was going to be the crabby old lady sitting on my front porch cursing at the young, noisy folks passing by.
Maybe not.
Maybe I’ll still be making up silly songs, goosing my husband, and guzzling soda to win the biggest burp contest.
I just hope nobody tapes it.

Have you ever been caught on tape in life moment? Good or bad. Mortifying or sweet. I have, but I ain’t telling!


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