I celebrate becoming a published novelist

I am excited to have author Donna Galanti on today. Oops! That’s me!

Doing the happy jump

Because today is the day I can announce that my paranormal suspense novel A HUMAN ELEMENT is being published by Echelon Press! Catch what it’s about  here on my writing page.

I’m pretty dizzy about it. Yep. Due to release March 15th, 2012 as an ebook and in paperback on Amazon. (Note to self: put Kindle on Christmas list). Echelon Press believes in my story and I am thrilled to be publishing with them.

Hungarian Hussar. Imagine fighting in that get up?

It’s just fun to mention that March 15th is a Hungarian Holiday commemorating the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 and their independence from the Hasburg Empire. I just love that my book will be associated with a revolution. Even a bloodless one. I have some Hungarian in me. I can feel it.
Back to excitement. EEK! Did I mention being dizzy?

What’s funny is this month I was a guest on Author Tony Eldridge’s blog Marketing Tips, a wonderful resource for authors. I highly recommend it. And my topic? Utilizing a career in marketing and business to get a book to market. Stop by here to read my article.

I didn’t get this book to market alone though (as I mention in my article above). Once I came out of my writing cave and quit speaking in grunted oohs and ahhs, I ventured out in the writer universe and met some wonderful people.

These are the kind of people that want other writers to succeed by sharing their experiences and techniques. People like authors Marie Lamba and Jonathan Maberry, teachers in my Write a Novel in 9 Months class. And my developmental editor, Kathryn Craft, who went above and beyond in her critiquing! The many workshops I took at the Philly Writer’s Conference led by the wonderful authors in the Philadelphia Liars Club.

Thanks to Karen Syed, President with Echelon Press who was the first publisher I ever met at my first writer’s conference, The Write Stuff. She spent time above the call of duty in reading, reviewing and recommending changes to my novel before I even signed with her. Stacy Green, who pointed out my head hopping, among other things! And my amazing pilot readers who took the time to read my book.

And then there are the countless number of new writer friends I have made along the way.

Supportive husband = happy writer

Too many to list here! You all know who you are 🙂

Oh, and let’s not forget one supportive husband who gave me time to write (happy 10th anniversary this week, Mike).

So, follow me on the path to publication. I’ll share it here. What’s your path to publication?


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42 responses to “I celebrate becoming a published novelist

  1. Stacie Dicello

    Hi Cousin!
    Sharing your blog with my 12 year old daughter. She is currently in the process of writing her first novel.

  2. AWESOME, Donna! You go, girl!

  3. I’m so happy for you Donna – huge congrats on the sale of your book and your upcoming release!

  4. So so happy for you!!!! And it’s so deserved. You are a WONDERFUL writer and person. I can’t wait to see how your book will take off and soar!

  5. This is fantastic news! Congrats to you. 🙂

  6. YAY!!!! I’ll do the happy dance with you! Shall I post it to YouTube?

    I definitely want a signed copy when it hits print! I think I know where to find you! CONGRATULATIONS!

  7. Congrats, Donna! So happy for you! I know it will be a big success. And thanks for the mention:)

  8. Vinny Serafino

    That’s Great Donna! Will have to read some of your works to the baby (when it gets older)!

  9. That’s awesome news, congrats! 🙂 I’m so happy for you.

  10. Tori

    WOW!! Congratulations! You rock!


  11. Congratulations, Donna! Great stuff!

  12. Andrea Lockwood

    Donna, this is huge news, I am sooo happy for you! Congratulations on realizing a lifelong dream, you deserve it!

  13. Randi

    I can’t wait! So happy for you. I know how hard you have worked to make this happen, and I am glad to have played a small (very small) part in the whole thing. I will be among the first to buy it.

  14. Donna,
    You are the type of creative sponge that makes editing such a joy. The growth I’ve witnessed in you just in the past year since we met! You had your toes in the starting blocks and came ready to race. (Just try to stop me from mixing my metaphors in this note–you inspire them!) Congratulations on this milestone. May your run be long and the rewards rich. (And may the sponge never dry out? Let me work on that…)

  15. Kathryn, you’re a doll. Love your mixed metaphors! You are an inspiration! Hope I never get to be a crusty, dried out sponge – LOL

  16. Donna! This is great news! Congrats!

  17. Grace

    How exciting! Brava!

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  19. I know I’ve said it already, but…

    Congratulations! 🙂

  20. Sue S

    How nice !!! Donna ! I love suspense novel that is very Sixth Sense-like !

  21. Donna, I received your message on FB the other day, and when I looked here, I see YOU”RE GONNA GET PUBLISHED!! Hooray for you, I new when I met you at the PWC you had what it takes! Good luck and let me know when it’s live. I’m also asking for a Kindle from Santa 😉

  22. Congratulations Donna! Glad we met on Twitter! Looking forward to following your career and getting to know you through your work!

    And thanks for your comments and encouragement!

    All the best,
    Todd (MappingTheEdge.com)

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