What’s your scariest story?

Since it’s almost Halloween let’s talk about scary stories – I want to hear yours.
What’s been one of the scariest (in a terrifying or humorous sense) thing you’ve ever experienced?

Okay, I’ll go first.

It was a dark and stormy night.

No, really – it was. I was 12 and at a week long overnight christian camp at Camp Thacher in Voorheesville, NY. We were spending the night away from our cabins at an open lean to in the woods. We trudged far through the darkness with our counselors and flashlights. It seemed far in my 12-year old memory anyways.

We sang around the campfire and cooked hotdogs under the stars, huddling in the cool August night on the mountain. The moon hid behind black clouds that blew over. Thunder rumbled in the distance and lightning flashed far off. The wind whipped our hair in a wild dance. It was spooky and dark and fun.

Then suddenly, one of the counselors from back at camp ran in to our circle yelling at us all to get back to the cabins. A convict had escaped from the local prison and was armed and dangerous – and last seen heading our way.

We scrambled up to gather our belongings. Fear gripped all of us naive adolescents. I darted my eyes around, seeking the mad man who would surely kill us if he came upon us. My heart pounded so hard, it hurt.

Then a chainsaw roar filled the air as a masked man flew into our fire lit circle. He held that chainsaw over his head and laughed an evil laugh. He was a crazed hooligan ready to kill. We fled, screaming into the darkness beyond. Branches scratched my face as I plunged into the woods, dragging my crying friend behind. Burrs stuck to us. Owls hooted, calling out our fear.

Then laughter rang out, as the masked man put his chainsaw down. He pulled off his mask. A jolly face lit up with a grin from ear to ear. It was Cowboy Bob, the camp’s pastor. It was all a joke. Slowly, we made our way back to the campfire. My heart finally stopped racing.

But I’ll never forget how a man of God scared the adolescence out me one night around a campfire.

So now I want to hear about your scary moments! Think of it as telling ghost stories around the campfire!


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