JOSHUA AND THE LIGHTNING ROAD for Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

What a fun review of my debut middle grade fantasy, Joshua and the Lightning Road! I especially like how he lists the 5 things to like about it.

Always in the Middle...

I know I’m into a great book when between reading sessions my mind is swirling with thoughts of “What will happen next?” JOSHUA AND 24761910THE LIGHTNING ROAD is a thrilling, hard to put down fantasy adventure that will have wide appeal. I was lucky to read the story before its scheduled May 19th release.

The world building by author Donna Galanti is excellent and with every conflict you feel as if you are in Joshua’s shoes experiencing each new frightful turn. There’s barely time to breathe. You’ll be pushed forward by end of chapter cliff hangers and frequent action scenes. Told in first person, Joshua’s voice is spot on as he wrestles with who he is in two different worlds and what his future has in store for him. Bring on the sequel because I’ll be the first in line for another adventure.


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