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Romance Author Rebecca Rose Interviews Me

Jump on over to the blog of Romance Author Rebecca Rose for my guest appearance. She was so nice to have me on! Plus she’s loads of fun and a busy lady. She writes novels, book reviews and blogs. Phewww…I’m tired already. We had tons of fun at The Write Stuff Conference this year.

We had a nice chat about writing, self publishing and finding an agent. Stop by and post a comment. Watch for her other guest authors every week on Talkin’ Tuesdays.
Read the interview here: Talkin’ Tuesday with Donna Beckley Galanti

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What makes me a better writer: guest post with Sally Hepworth

Stop on over author Sally Hepworth’s blog today. She asked me to write a post on what makes me a better writer (eek! am I?). Sally is a globe trotting Aussie with a wicked sense of humor. Her blog is a great resource too!

Well Sally, you made me “thunk a lot” to answer your question on what makes me a better writer.

When trying to get my 8 year old to do something that needs to get done I often say “Come on!” His response is usually, “I’m come-on-ing!” So how does this fit in with how I have become a better writer? (and able to keep calling myself a writer?)

First, by come-on-ing – Or finding the discipline to just keep writing. Writing isn’t a fair weather friend so don’t treat it as such. I had to keep writing even if it meant getting up at 4:30AM – 6:00AM to write. I wrote my first book this way. (Yes, I know it was bad but I finished it!). Now on days off I hit the library early for three solid hours. My biggest word crunch time happens there. No distractions. And I don’t take advantage of their online access. Writing is a job. I focus on this one task and none other.
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