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Words matter. How social media can pay it forward

Since recently diving into the world of social media I find it funny that each social media avenue has a word associated with it.

LinkedIn – you connect
Facebook – you friend
Twitter – you follow

Connect. Friend. Follow.

Sounds like a marketing tagline for a product, doesn’t it? The global product of social media that links us all together. Through words.

As writers we hope to change the world through our words. To help ourselves. To touch others. Help others. Doesn’t it seem we are doing the same thing with our words through social media?

Our words out there are doing something:
LinkedIn – building our futures through words
Facebook – creating our little world talking
Twitter – joining our whole world talking
Are you listening?

So what do we hope to accomplish by diving into these social media worlds?
Promote our business, our product? Yes. Connect with old and new friends? Yes. Follow others we hope to learn and benefit from? Yes.

Connect. Friend. Follow.
Now just imagine if this tagline was for the whole world to abide by. We would all connect as humans. We would all treat one another as friends. We would follow others who are role models we aspire to be.  In doing so, we could aspire to make the world a better place by connecting, friending and following.

A new age of Pay it Forward. And we can create it. Online.

Anonymous vs. known
Some days I wish I was anonymous again. In my rabbit hole. Writing. No world around me. But then some days I am glad to have a virtual world out there of friends supporting me, boosting me up when I need it.  Some of these virtual friends have become real in-person friends. For that I am grateful. They motivate me and help me improve as a writer. I hope I help them in ways they need too.

Connect. Friend. Follow. In life. Through words.
The whole world is talking. What do you have to say? And how can it change the world for the better?

My Goal:
Help someone today through my social media words.  Ask them if they have a talent or skill they can use to help someone else. And so on. Keep it moving forward. Through words.

Words matter - spoken or written

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