Paranormal Suspense
DEBUTS March 2012  in ebook and paperback by  Echelon Press!

26-year-old Laura Armstrong is adopted but that isn’t what makes her different. Her telekinetic, mind reading, healing powers do and the fact she can’t stop her parents and friends from being murdered.The murderer haunts her dreams and cryptic notes appear instructing her she must use her powers to save herself before she is next.With the killer closing in on her, Laura discovers her destiny is linked to his and realizes she has two choices – redeem him or kill him.

1st Prize

The Tree of Sheltered Secrets
2011 Philadelphia Writer’s Conference

Psychological Suspense
What if being in a coma meant you could create a new life? But what if everything you loved in that new life was taken away and the only way of escape was through death?

Sarah Shay’s accident one summer night leaves her in a coma for 7 years that takes away all things dear to her. Upon waking, she discovers she’s been moved across country, her boyfriend, Phinny, is gone, and her father plans to marry a woman out for his money. Sarah searches out Phinny for help but together they uncover a horrifying secret. Sarah’s grip on life escapes her and not even Phinny’s renewed love can save her from death. Or can it?

Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure

Lightning doesn’t happen by chance. Twelve-year-old Joshua Cooper learns this the hard way when a bolt strikes his house and grabs his best friend, Steven, taking him away,possibly forever. To get him back, Joshua must travel the Lightning Road to The World of Sol, a dark place that steals children for energy. To make matters worse, he soon finds out this isn’t the only Other-World stealing children.

On his journey, Joshua discovers he’s linked to an Other-World through parents he never knew and a grandfather who isn’t what he seems. He also uncovers his own true powers.But will these strengths be enough to save Steven and the other children who have been taken? Can Joshua escape the Power Mill, fend off the Child Collector and use the Lightning Road key to get home? And can he shut down the Lightning Road forever? Or will he and Steven remain prisoners of Sol?



In real time, often writing with lights-out and in a rushed manner, Beckley shows the fears, bravery, frustrations and excitement in a multi-week vacation called Boot Camp.”
– Scott Morely, former U.S. Marine

Letters from Boot Camp captures the tale of one young woman’s Navy boot camp adventure from the initial shock of lack of privacy, freedom and sleep to constant verbal abuse combined with endless  inspections. Seaman Recruit Beckley details her experiences in letters sent home from the beginning with “Today was the longest day of my life and the two months here will never be over!” to eventually enjoying the challenge.Each week of training we follow Seaman Recruit Beckley through tortuous punishments, losing recruit-mates, surviving Hell Week and poisonous spiders.The narrative connects two generations of sailors weaving in advice from her “salt of the sea” Dad who supports her and reminds her to, “Hang in there. Head up. Chest out. Back straight. And keep those shoes polished.”

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  2. Donna, Keep doing your great work for the writing and author world. I look forward to seeing you at the 2012 PWC and reading A Human Element.

    • Hi David, I appreciate the kind words and look forward to seeing you at PWC again too. I enjoy having such a great bunch of authors on, such as yourself, and always learn so much about the writing process and business from you all.

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