What a fun review by Greg Pattridge with Always in the Middle book blog! 5 things to like about Unicorn Island!

Always in the Middle...

I’m always on the lookout for a great book that won’t discourage young readers from moving up to middle grade novels. Often they choose something too challenging with 400 pages and a typeset sure to make their eyes wander. Well, look no further because I found the perfect one to begin their wondrous time with MG: Unicorn Island. Here’s the official synopsis:

When Sam arrives in Foggy Harbor, population 3,230, all she can see is a small, boring town that’s way too far from home. And knowing that she’s stuck there all summer with her grumpy Uncle Mitch only makes things worse.

But when Sam discovers a hidden trapdoor leading to a room full of strange artifacts, she realizes Foggy Harbor isn’t as sleepy as it seems. With the help of a new friend, Sam discovers an extraordinary secret beyond the fog: an island of unicorns whose fates are…

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A HUMAN ELEMENT by Donna Galanti: Introducing The Audio Book Edition

Source: A HUMAN ELEMENT by Donna Galanti: Introducing The Audio Book Edition

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MYSTERY MONDAYS: The Monster Inside Us by Donna Galanti

MYSTERY MONDAYS: The Monster Inside Us by Donna Galanti.

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An 11 year-old Reviews Joshua and the Lightning Road by @DonnaGalanti “Omigosh! Action Adventure!” @Month9Books

An 11 year-old Reviews Joshua and the Lightning Road by @DonnaGalanti “Omigosh! Action Adventure!” @Month9Books.

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Announcing Mystery Mondays

Announcing Mystery Mondays.

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Get Your Manuscript Past the Gatekeeper #5:Where’s the Beef? Is your dialog too beefy?

Get Your Manuscript Past the Gatekeeper #5:Where’s the Beef? Is your dialog too beefy?.

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Guest Post: “Juggling YA and Adult Fantasy Writing” by David Hair

Great post on the differences between writing fantasy for adult and young adult.

Civilian Reader

HairD-AuthorPicI read a bit of everything (except romance), but fantasy has always been my big love. I blame that on my introduction to Tolkien at an impressionable (teen-)age. Since then, I’ve been through all of the usual suspects as I explored this amazing genre. I knew I wanted to write a genre novel, but it took a while to overcome a lack of confidence, and a lack of time.

What excited me most were epic fantasies: big juicy stories with apocalyptic plot-lines, huge casts and many complex threads, and a whole imagined world to explore. When I did find time to write however, my best idea happened to be better suited to a teenage/YA audience. Growing up in New Zealand, the son of a truck driver who thought nothing of driving his family for hours to visit friends and relatives, I saw a lot of the countryside. Being enamoured of…

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JOSHUA AND THE LIGHTNING ROAD for Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

What a fun review of my debut middle grade fantasy, Joshua and the Lightning Road! I especially like how he lists the 5 things to like about it.

Always in the Middle...

I know I’m into a great book when between reading sessions my mind is swirling with thoughts of “What will happen next?” JOSHUA AND 24761910THE LIGHTNING ROAD is a thrilling, hard to put down fantasy adventure that will have wide appeal. I was lucky to read the story before its scheduled May 19th release.

The world building by author Donna Galanti is excellent and with every conflict you feel as if you are in Joshua’s shoes experiencing each new frightful turn. There’s barely time to breathe. You’ll be pushed forward by end of chapter cliff hangers and frequent action scenes. Told in first person, Joshua’s voice is spot on as he wrestles with who he is in two different worlds and what his future has in store for him. Bring on the sequel because I’ll be the first in line for another adventure.


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My site has moved! Don’t miss today’s hot guest author.

Hi All

this is your last friendly reminder that my blog has recently moved!


You will need to re-subscribe in order to receive weekly posts such as today, from Dennis Palumbo. He is a therapist by day and novelist by night. Don’t miss this sizzling interview which begs the question: What, if anything, does a Hollywood psychotherapist and a suspense novelist have in common? Actually, quite a bit.


Visit my new blog in the link above and simply enter your email in the SUBSCRIBE box to keep on the list. As always, your email is held in private for this purpose only.

Thank you!
Donna Galanti
Writing From The Dark Places

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A Human Element cover is here and an excerpt!

This week I got to experience something thousands of people do every year. If they’re lucky. And I know I am. To see the cover of something I created from my own imagination, my paranormal suspense novel A Human Element. And my first book.

When I saw the tweet from my publisher, Echelon Press, “I just sent something very important to your email” my first reaction was one stemming back to high school. Oh no, what bad thing did I do and just get caught for? Then I zoomed back to my 40s and I knew. THE COVER!

It’s just a whole mess of dark coolness, don’t you think?

And here’s a teaser again of A Human Element:
26-year-old Laura Armstrong is adopted but that isn’t what makes her different. Her telekinetic, mind reading, healing powers do and the fact she can’t stop her parents and friends from being murdered. The murderer haunts her dreams and cryptic notes appear instructing her she must use her powers to save herself before she is next.With the killer closing in on her, Laura discovers her destiny is linked to his and realizes she has two choices – redeem him or kill him.

And I know you’re wondering…who’s the evil, yellow eyed dude in the sky? I won’t divulge his name just yet. But he would be glad to hear he’s called evil. Very glad.

Here is a little teaser to him..


The creature-man sat on the concrete floor, his bulbous legs splayed out in front of him. His head sunk on his chest. He appeared to be sleeping.

Yet he did not sleep. He reached his brain outward into the night air probing for satisfaction. He had come so close many times. Then the vision always faded away, no longer in his grasp. He knew then what he sought either had traveled too far a distance for his mind to grab or his senses were too dull to attack.

The man knew his limitations. His mind probing skills worked within a few hundred miles. He had killed many times in the outside world while his body stayed imprisoned underground. He was not always successful because they kept him drugged and this weakened his powers. It was difficult for him to push through the drugs and use his abilities, but when he succeeded it delivered intense satisfaction. Sweetly orgasmic.

The man gloated over the deaths he had invoked, yet he had to be careful in his choosing. They knew when he killed as they knew his style of murder. He would then wait in fear to see if they discovered his kills. If they did, they would gas him and shoot him up with drugs. Sometimes the doctor would add something special to the cocktail injection to send spiraling waves of pain through his deformed body. Too many of them had been killed getting close to him. It was how they controlled him. The pain was intense and he was not immune to it.

And so he had been reduced to mostly sucking the blood of small animals he came across in the nearby plentiful woods through his mind powers. These creatures gave him a mere flash of pleasure, but their brief squealing ended too short from his death jaws.

The man placed his hands on his deformed head and soared outside of his prison walls, into the cool night air. Soon he spotted a stray mutt roaming the lamp lit streets. He sent his mind’s eye in for a closer look and swooped in to begin the ripping and tearing of canine flesh.


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